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Product Testimonial

"Went over all the brass and got them prepped for me to load. NONE were too short, so I sized them to "my standard".

Even though they were not all LC, I think they look great. 

Let me load/shoot a few and run them to the point I can reload them. That will show how they really hold up to pressures/resizing/etc.

So...  how 'bout them 9mm and 44Mag brass??(sure could use some that are of SAAMI specs)

Keep up the great product work.  You have a new, happy customer!"

~ John

Blue River FAQ

What quality or grade?

These cases are once-fired 223 brass for reloading. We have large quantities of Lake City brass. Each bag will contain mixed headstamps and may include any or all of the following: WC 09, LC 08, TAA 03, LC 09, TAA 09 or other markings. We do a very thorough and complete processing of the brass so that when you buy brass from us, you can begin reloading as soon as you receive it. 

Where does it come from?
These brass cases are military brass from ranges at various bases throughout the United States. 

What's in stock?
We are processing 223/5.56 brass every day. You can expect your order to ship within 2 days - usually the same day if the order is received by 2pm central time. 

Why not international shipping?
We do not ship internationally because we are prohibited from doing so by Federal regulation. Commerce of brass cases and other ammo and components are subject to ITAR regulations regarding export of these types of materials which prohibit export and prohibit sales to foreign nationals (even within the U.S.).   When you purchase these products you are certifying that you understand and will abide by these conditions.

How it is cleaned / sorted?
We designed our method of bulk brass processing for quality and speed so we can offer a great product at a reasonable price. We start by batch dry cleaning the used brass to remove most of the surface dirt and foreign material. At every stage of the process we look for imperfections in the brass cases, and reject any that will not be usable for reloading. After cleaning we apply lubricant and using dedicated sizing presses we deprime, swage the primer pocket, full length re-size to SAAMI specs, trim case length to SAAMI specs. Then we batch polish the brass with media and polishing compound. And finally, they go to packaging where they are counted by weight and then bagged and sealed. The end result is quality, once-fired brass for reloading. 

Why buy from BlueRiverAmmo?

Simply, we'll give you quality product and we'll treat you right. Our intention is to completely satisfy every customer. That means we'll answer the phone, we'll respond to your questions, and we'll ship your orders quickly. Should you have any concerns or problems with the product, we'll do our best to address it to your satisfaction. We are a family-owned business, so we work harder to keep our customers happy and loyal. 

What makes BlueRiverAmmo better than others selling online?
We know what the specs are for quality brass. We refurbish the brass with a copy of the SAAMI specs right on the bench. We constantly check our operations against this SAAMI spec to make sure we are properly conditioning the brass for your use. Our company also manufactures firearms and we test what we make. We actually load samples of the brass and test it for quality. We also try to make your shopping experience simple and pain free.

You can use our web-site from any of your devices - PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone. We provide free ground shipping so you don't have to hassle with shipping selection. We offer fully processed once fired 223/5.56 brass that is ready to reload, saving you time as well as money. All so you can spend more time on the range or in the field. Enjoy!

Please check all local laws and regulations prior to purchasing brass cases or other reloading components. Laws vary widely from state to state and even city to city. Therefore, BlueRiverAmmo will not be held responsible for any sales to unauthorized parties.  It is your responsibility to check any and all local regulations prior to purchasing from BlueRiverAmmo. You must be a U.S. citizen to purchase reloading supplies from this site. 

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